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Established in 2014, we are a group of cryptography researchers from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. Our research focuses are symmetric-key cryptology and privacy-preserving technologies. We are physically hosted by the Division of Mathematical Sciences of the School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, have been part of Temasek Laboratories @ NTU and Coding and Cryptography Research Group, and in collaboration with Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China.

We are constantly looking for PhD candidates and Post-Doctoral Research Fellows, and maintain a regular visitor/exchange program, if you are interested in any of them, please contact Jian Guo.

We are grateful to our funders and sponsors:


Open Positions

  • [New] 2022/09: There are multiple open positions of (senior) postdoc research fellows and PhD students with full scholarship support, on the topic of symmetric-key cryptography including but not limited to quantum attacks, cryptanalysis of AES and SHA-3, FHE/MPC friendly designs, automatic tools or machine learning for cryptanalysis:

  • Refer to this page if you are interested in joining as a PhD or FYP student.

Recent Services

  • FSE 2023 (PC: Zhenzhen Bao, Jian Guo); ASIACRYPT 2023(PCC: Jian Guo); ASIACRYPT 2023(PC: Eik List, Guozhen Liu)

  • FSE 2022 (PC: Zhenzhen Bao, Jian Guo); ASIACRYPT 2022(PC: Jian Guo); ACISP 2022 (PC: Zhenzhen Bao)

  • FSE 2021 (PC: Zhenzhen Bao, Jian Guo); ASIACRYPT 2021 (GC: Jian Guo, PC: Zhenzhen Bao); Inscrypt (PC: Zhenzhen Bao, Jian Guo); CFail (PC: Zhenzhen Bao, Jian Guo)

  • FSE 2020 (PC: Zhenzhen Bao, Ling Song); EUROCRYPT 2020 (PC: Jian Guo); ToSC Special Issue on Designs for the NIST Lightweight Standardisation Process (PC: Zhenzhen Bao); ACISP 2020 (PC: Zhenzhen Bao); ASIACRYPT 2020 (PC: Zhenzhen Bao, Jian Guo)

  • FSE 2019 (PC: Jian Guo, Ling Song); ASIACRYPT 2019 (PC: Zhenzhen Bao, Jian Guo)

  • FSE 2018 (PC: Jian Guo); EUROCRYPT 2018 (PC: Jian Guo); ASIACRYPT 2018 (PC: Ling Song)

  • FSE 2017 (PC: Jian Guo); ASIACRYPT 2017 (PC: Jian Guo)

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